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The Uppers

(12) Unique silk scarves from Spain



The UPPERS is a Spanish brand founded by Sarun and Lina in March 2016. Both believe in an open society without prejudices, rules and age limits. They want to live here and now, to the fullest. They are part of Flat Age community where everyone lives according to their beliefs without feeling tied down by expectations of what the should do in certain life stages. It means to live in harmony with the way you see yourself in your own way without restriction.




luxusni hedvabne satky rucne site



The Uppers is about emotion, a young free spirit, life philosophy of slow movement. You will be thrilled by precision design, natural materials such as silk, cashmere and fine craftmenship. Silk scarves and accessories are hand-made in Spain from high quality silk, and are delivered in a beautiful gift box, thought out to the smallest detail.





The black triangle which hides luxury silk scarves and ties is not only perfectly thought-out design, but also the brand philosophy, which appears in everything that is created by its founders. The triangle symbolizes harmony and unification within ourselves and with the environment in which we live. It is the connection between heaven and earth, between the divine and the human in every human being.

Triangle is associated with the number 3, which is a symbol of wisdom. It symbolizes the union of the body - mind - spirit. It is a symbol of a time past - present - future. The triangle is the symbol of intellect, love and strength, which are promoted through the emotions, feelings and thoughts. The triangle express the philosophy of The Uppers - there is no before, no after no nostalgia or expectations of the future.




Silk Scarves and shawls - 2017 collection 

are inspired by nature and abstract art deco style which can be found in light rays and shadows, in the waves on the water or in the sky. Natural silk is printed with animal motives that celebrate the beauty and wildlife. Silk accessories depict motives from ancient cultures of the Aztecs or the Incas and archaeological finds from the time of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia or the Vikings.

art deco silk scarf with palms

Products per page: 20 40 60 100 Details Gallery
 Title Price Stock
Silk Scarf JUANITA Silk Scarf JUANITA Art.No.: 43500102
Silk accessory skyblue color
1.800,00 Kč
Square Silk Scarf AMPARO Square Silk Scarf AMPARO Art.No.: 43500108
Unisex red and white art deco scarf
1.620,00 Kč
Square Silk Scarf AMETS Square Silk Scarf AMETS Art.No.: 43500109
Unisex black and white art deco scarf
1.620,00 Kč
Silk Scarf LAURITA Silk Scarf LAURITA Art.No.: 43500103
Silk accessory beige color with deers
1.800,00 Kč
Silk Scarf JAVIERA Silk Scarf JAVIERA Art.No.: 43500104
Silk accessory black and white letters
1.680,00 Kč
Silk Scarf JACINTA Silk Scarf JACINTA Art.No.: 43500105
Silk accessory russet color with palms motives
1.680,00 Kč
Silk scarf CONCHA Silk scarf CONCHA Art.No.: 43500106
Unisex black and white art deco scarf
1.950,00 Kč
Cashmere scarf ALARICO Cashmere scarf ALARICO Art.No.: 43500114
Mens blue and white art deco scarf
4.590,00 Kč
Silk scarf ARCELIA Silk scarf ARCELIA Art.No.: 43500107
Unisex blue and white art deco scarf
1.950,00 Kč
Silk scarf EVITA Silk scarf EVITA Art.No.: 43500101
Beige silk art deco scarf with deers
2.955,00 Kč
Cashmere scarf ADOLPHO Cashmere scarf ADOLPHO Art.No.: 43500115
Mens black and yellow art deco scarf
4.590,00 Kč
Silk scarf ADALINA Silk scarf ADALINA Art.No.: 43500100
Russet silk art deco scarf with palms
2.955,00 Kč
Products per page: 20 40 60 100
 Title Price Stock